Victim Blaming?

We all, i guess, would like to believe more in something we can see. We hardly believe, including our beliefs, something that we cannot see. I didn’t say we don’t believe, but hardly believe. We tend to believe, through a process, not instantly. But for things we can see, we might have bigger chances to believe, instantly. 

I’ve read a lot of news lately (lately means some weeks ago, i guess) about the rape victim and how people (in my area, i guess) some blamed the victims for what happened. I don’t know, but most of us, rationally, would say that it’s ridiculous to blame the victim of the rape while we know that they’re VICTIMS.the one who got attacked, the one who might have traumas and psychological illness. We of course knee that it’s all the rapist, the SUSPECTS, fault. 

But somehow, i kinda confuse why, in the comment section of the news, people try to blame the victim, by the way they make up (in this case, we might agree that a lot of rape victims are women), by the way they dress, by the way they act, that may be attract the victim (probably, higher chance, males) and suggest the idea to rape the victims. I don’t know why that could happen, but rationally, they, the comments, are right. I mean, the point of the comment is, if you didn’t dress like that, you probably didn’t have to be raped. But because you dress like that, you suggest the suspects to rape you, because you attract them, make them erect or something like that.

BUT, we must have brain to think. If you really want to have sex, do you have to blame it all at the moment? If you have an erected genitals, do you HAVE TO do what you think you should do right now? There are always time, there are always place, and there are always choices. Human, what make us different than the animals is because we have mind to think. I did agree animals have brain, but they cannot think RATIONALLY. I mean, we human can control the way we act. We have control on ourselves. I understand it’s, somehow, the way she or he dress really turn you on or the way she act really make you want to, but we do have control. 

Back to the topic, i don’t want this article to be a clickbait. Our society moght blame things for what they able to see. I mean, they blame something they can see. Like i said before, we tend to believe, easier, something we can see. We can see how someone dress themselves, we can see how someone put their make ups, or the way someone act. But, we cannot see what’s inside person’s mind. We can easily judge the victim, for what she or he wears. We can easily comment for what they wear because we see, what they wear, but we cannot see the rapist’s mind. We don’t know what happened through their mind, so, we don’t mind! You see the point, i’m sorry, this is just my personal thought. This is just my opinion of what’s going on. I didn’t try to put on gasoline to the fire, but i guess that might be true.

They, who blame the victim, might think that it’s all good at the start. The rapist mind is in all good situation and suddenly, there goes the soon-to-be victim, and then the soon-to-be-rapist have this idea to rape and then rape. If you want to rape, then you just rape? Is that a right thing? Well, for me, personally, there must be something wrong by the way the rapist think. It’s like a kid, he want ice cream, then i should get ice cream if not, i’ll cry to get the ice cream, if i still cannot get the ice cream, i will go to the store, and took the ice cream by myself, no matter happen. There’s something wrong by the way the rapist think. There’s something wrong. 

So, for me, people tend to blame the victim because they see something (for them) is obvious. But, what actually happen is, people could get anywhere naked without getting raped, IF THE MINDSET of the society is not the CHILDISH mind to get the ice cream. It’s not what we, human, should do. We have brain and logic, we could control ourselves, and think what’s right and wrong. If we cannot do those things i said, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH US. there must be, go to the doctor and get medications. 

I’m sorry if this writings hurt someone’s feeling or setting a bigger fire, but this is just something i want to share to rebuild our minds. For the victim (not only for rapes, but anything) out there, you are loved and still, have a bright future. #stopvictimblaming


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