That Chills in the Afternoon (part 1)

I was at campus when i saw this moment happened. These days are holiday, so not much student or people come to the campus. In this very quiet (and peaceful) situation, i walked across my campus to do some campus-event- kind-of-things, and i saw this people. I saw a little girl, holding her mother’s hand (i guess it’s her mother) and walk across a quiet hall where i guess that there’s only the two of them walking, in a very chill afternoon. It turned on my memory to what happened to me much years ago when i was a kid. 
I remembered i usually walk home with my mother after school (elementary school or playgroup, i supposed) and we’re walking in the middle of chill afternoon. It’s not really that chill when i’m talking about chill. The sun is up, it’s really bright and eyes-burning bright, but there’s a chill when the wind is blowing perfectly, and people are not as much as today are, and it’s just a very peace afternoon with not much traffic,too. Back to the story, so i saw this was happening and suddenly gave my brain a major throwback, a flashback, a sight of this memory. So i guess i remembered when I walked home with her, told her stories about what i’ve been through at school, about my friends, and how i love being with her. We weren’t live in this city big or a lively town, it’s just a small city, but not so crowd, not so glamorous, filled with not-that-wealthy society, but we live in good conditions. I’m all good, i guess. I love when my mother and i walk home or walk anywhere she took me, in the chill moment of afternoon, ate something from the street, a restaurant, or little dining house, buy something nice (like toys!) and i kept on telling her stories and she kept listening. She replies to every situations i’ve been through. She’s really patient, even though she got angry sometimes (and i’m scared when it was happening). 

Well, this condition, eventhough it’s different (of course! She’s a girl, and i’m a sassy boy lol :D) but it’s true, it was real and comforting for me. It’s really gave me a peaceful throwback, that chill in my mind. Memories that i’d like to recall every single day of my life as i’m growing up. The look that you see when a child is walking and holding hand with their parents, the look that you feel when you saw them stare at their parents face (with their chin up, of course, their parents should be taller, right?) and telling stories about what they’ve been through or what they’re curious about and wanted to know why, hunger of explanations. That’s priceless. The memories you had with your parents as a child that know nothing about bittersweet of this life.. the memories you recall to what happened with life, before you grow up.

Yep, before you grow up… 


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