About Meh

Dear readers, Hello there! 😀

Let me introduce myself. So I’m Mikhael (with ‘k’, not michael with ‘c’) but you can call me whatever you want (but most people call me mik or ma). I’m neither an artist, professional blogger, actor, journalist nor writer. I’m just ordinary student from Indonesia that always like to write down my feelings, experiences, my daily learning from my daily life, my thoughts, and so on. 

Most of my posts are in Bahasa Indonesia cause i’m not that confident to use my English. Sorry i’m not really influence in speaking English,but i’d like to try it maybe someday. So, if i made any mistake at this page, you can message me via email or comments. I hope i could share stories to encourage, to enlighten, to delight your mind, feelings, or even your perspectives and life.

 I also am sorry if anything i posted makes you uncomfortable or hurt your feelings, but most thing i post just my opinions, no purpose to hurt your feelings, truthfully. I hope i could inspire people and giving my perspective to this bad-and-bout-to-go-down world. 


Mikhael Aditya.


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